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In a small village called Tolga.

Near the town of Ouled Djellal where rests the body of the legendary Hizyia whose history has captivated hearts of men and poets, stands the silhouette of a "goddess" and her fingers of light, most known as the dates palm tree.

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The palm grove in Tolga is blessed by nature, and looked after by men with Kindness, gentleness and affection. The tree offers the people all of the best, sweetest and most luminous fruits it has, as a reward.

The fingers of light are commonly called “Deglet Nour” and are adorned with honey. To harvest them, it is necessary to wait until the dates are ripe and ready to leave their nests under the palms, for most of the time this happen during the autumn.

Charming and pleasant in the spring, Tolga is more romantic and mysterious in autumn when the landscapes wear a beautiful green dress and reveal some yellowy reflections.

A light wind plays in the goddess’ green hair. The sun, who appears to be particularly important to the tree caresses her cheeks. Small birds collect in the palm of her hand, they flutter singing nostalgic songs about spring.

The long and slightly inclined silhouette provides the fellah, Arabic word for farmer, a shadow that protects him from the sun.

In fact,

We can observe the group of farmers during the Harvest period working energetically and collectively to collect the clusters of dates. Other "fellahs", gracefully climb the palms using a rope and with a different rope, they gently bring the clusters to the ground. Once there, the fruits are cleaned, sorted before being placed in boxes. The younger palm trees, located under the old ones that no longer produce dates, are easier to reach. The picking of dates is sacred In Tolga each "fellah" is given by average a hundred palm trees to harvest from.
The ”Fellah” is surrounded by a small team to help him with the transportation and processing of dates. It’s a time-consuming job and requires a lot of patience. But patience is what those people have the most. This quality is reflected in each of their gesture, movement and most of all, in their meticulous and well-done work. The harvest is then kept in cold rooms until it is sold at the right time. According to them, dates can be kept for three years.
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